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Periodontal Care In Sandy, Utah

What is Periodontal Care?

When someone has periodontitis there may be no signs or symptoms other than getting checked at the dentist and the hygienist finding that there is inflammation, bleeding of your gums, and bone loss on your X-rays. The hygienist will use a blunted measuring stick between your gum and tooth. If there is bleeding that means that there are ulcers under your gums that rupture easily, which means that bacteria from your mouth can enter your blood stream. With periodontitis the measurements will be deeper and go onto your root surface creating a pocket. There sometimes can be sensitivity as a symptom, but most of the time this is a silent disease.

Periodontal Care 1

Again, we know how to treat this! We will bring you back to subsequent appointments where one of our hygienists will perform a periodontal therapy, which usually does involve numbing but after that it is painless. The therapy will include using a laser that will kill and disinfect the bacteria around your teeth. After that an ultrasonic scaler will be used to flush out bacteria and to remove any plaque and tartar around your teeth. Hand scalers will be used after this to fine scale all the teeth and make sure all the plaque and tartar was removed. Another round of laser will be done to disinfect again, and then activated to remove and cauterize the infection from the inside of your gums. A medication will then be flushed under your gums to help release more of the toxins. 

After Treatment

When the therapy is over, we will make sure you know how to best help take care of your teeth so that the investment you just made into your health will be worth it. We will send you home with a medicated mouthwash and toothpaste so that there is as little sensitivity as possible and the bacteria that was just killed will keep getting destroyed.

Periodontal Care 2

Periodontal Maintenance:

After doing a Periodontal Therapy a patient is going to be put on a different cleaning schedule so that the bacteria is removed more often and the hygienist will still be able to go as deep between the tooth and gum as needed. The aggressive bacteria starts to come back about every 3 months, so these appointments are usually closer together. Periodontal Maintenance appointments will be made every 3 months but as the gums improve and there is less pocketing and bleeding they can be moved out further. Once a patient has had Periodontitis and done the necessary treatment; they will remain on Periodontal Maintenance since the root surface of the teeth will always be getting cleaned. Periodontitis is not a curable disease and we cannot make the bone grow back, but with correct treatment and maintenance it is possible to get stable and keep your gums, bone and body as healthy as possible.

Periodontal Care 3

If you’ve noticed signs of gum disease, visit Fort Union Family Dental located at 8915 S 700 E Ste 103, Sandy, Utah 84070, or call (801) 562-2147 to schedule an appointment. We can help restore your oral health and prevent the disease from progressing.

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